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  • 1457 The Ochsen first became the property of the judge Hans Joss
  • 1501 to 1616 The establishment changed owners seven times
  • 1630 The Duke of Württemberg stayed in the Ochsen twice
  • 1651 Veit Däschler became the innkeeper of the Ochsen, as well as being mayor
  • 1660 Augustin Däschler and his family took over the Ochsen
  • 1730 A large fire in Markstraße, during which 16 buildings were destroyed, also burned the inn
    to the ground – it was then rebuilt by Augustin Däschler with the aid of the Blaubeuren hospital
  • 1736 Georg Däschler, a brewer, became the owner
  • 1743 There was talk of a large, newly built inn with three floors, “zum Ochsen”,
    comprising stables, a brewery, a malting floor and a scouring area
  • 1745 Ludwig Lang took over from the Däschler family after 150 years
  • 1766 to 1872 The owner changed nine times
  • 1876 Hermann August Rommel I purchased many additions, including fields
    on the “Hessen”, and gained a high reputation
  • 1905 “Dissipater” Hermann Rommel II sold everything piece by piece
  • 1934 Adalbert Unsöld modernised the “Ochsen Inn” to become the “Hotel Ochsen”
  • 1959 Under Josef Unsöld and his wife Hermine, who was a wonderful cook, the Ochsen
    achieved the “good name” it has today, and became known far beyond the borders of Blaubeuren
  • 1987 Hermine managed the Hotel Ochsen after Josef Unsöld’s death, together with her daughter Ursula
  • 1995 Hermann Unsöld and Susanne Unsöld bought back all of the adjacent buildings and the land bordering
    the Ochsen previously belonging to it, so that the Ochsen lives up to its once unique greatness once more
  • 1997 The majestic semi-timbered construction, which had been buried under plaster for 200 years,
    was exposed once again